Worker injured at Pike River mine

A worker has been injured during demolition work at the Pike River coal mine.

The man, in his 30s, was reportedly hit by falling debris earlier thismorning whilst working around the ‘bathhouse’, trapping him, according to

His follow workers managed to free the trapped man, who suffered only moderate injuries.

It is understood the injured man is not employed by the mine’s current owner Solid Energy, which purchased the mine in 2012.

It is understood that Solid Energy, itself facing collapse, is currently in the process of selling off equipment from the site, and the worker was injured whilst undertaking the removal of the bathhouse.

Pike River rose to prominence in 2010 following a tragic explosion at the site, which took the lives of 29 miners.

Since that time the mine has been closed, with ingress and the retrieval of the bodies of the slain men ruled out, due to the high levels of toxic gases still in the mine, making it too dangerous for crews to attempt to re-enter.

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