ZenergiZe: Clean and quiet energy, optimal performance


ZenergiZe solar application.

The new ZenergiZe range from Atlas Copco takes modular energy storage to a new level.

Top 4 Benefits of ZenergiZe – guide

  1. Sustainability
    a. Zero emissions
    b. Environmentally friendly
    c. Zero noise (quiet technology)
    d. Best paired with renewable energy
    e. Island Mode
  2. Advanced Technology (excellent performance)
    a. Hybrid system
    b. Lithium-ion batteries allowing for longer productivity and less maintenance
    c. Fast charging
    d. Longer life span
    e. Compact design and light weight for transport
    f. Modular and portable solution
    g. Trailer (option)
    h. Can be used in a variety of activities: construction, mining, renewables, Powerplants
  3. ZenergiZeLower Cost of Total Ownership
    a. Fuel consumption is reduced
    b. Virtual free maintenance
    c. Resale value
    d. Increased productivity
  4. Plug and Play
    a. Easy connection for solar panels
    b. Earth pin
    c. Emergency stop

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