Weld, cut, heat: How ArcReach technology is sparking the future of mining

Welding can be a risky occupation that requires welders to manoeuvre around high heat applications in often precarious conditions, while handling flames and arcs of up to 6000 degrees.

To further complicate things, welders frequently need to adjust the weld settings for their projects which quickly becomes time consuming if the power source is located at a distance from their workstation.

Recognising the unique challenges that welders face, global leading manufacturer Miller developed ArcReach technology to give welders more control over their work by centralising their heating and power sources into a ‘one stop shop’ for welding, cutting, and heating.

This white paper explains how the recent expansion of the ArcReach technology product range has further demonstrated Miller’s commitment to improving the welding process in-situ. Furthermore, it will explore some of the key features and benefits of new ArcReach products, including Miller’s revolutionary portable induction heater.

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