Improve throughput, quality and uptime with TotaFORCE technology in VFDs 

Having the right information about the health of your system can be critical for reducing downtime and increasing productivity. PowerFlex 755T variable frequency drives from Rockwell Automation, enabled by TotalFORCE technology, help mining applications achieve high performance, reduced downtime and improved quality.

TotalFORCE Technology combines high performance motor control, advanced self-monitoring capabilities and a contemporary digital platform delivering faster, more precise responsive AC drives. Recent enhancements include powerful adaptive control capabilities, predictive maintenance features, and built-in permanent magnet motor support. Demanding but critical applications in mining like conveyors, crushers, hoists, presinking gantry get the maximum benefit out of TotalFORCE technology.

With adaptive control, drives follow speed or torque commands very closely. PowerFlex 755T AC drives enabled by TotalFORCE technology, allow power from the regenerative load to be saved and sent back onto the supply, eliminating the need for external dynamic braking components.

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