The next evolution in sprag-type backstop technology


Altra Motion has developed a new Marland brand Sprag-type backstop designed to provide high-quality performance at a competitive price point.

The Marland ABC Sprag backstop results from a collaboration between Altra’s brands.

The new sprag design features indexed sprags to distribute force evenly and have less internal friction between the inner and outer races.

It also features lower operating temperatures when compared with similar units.

The ABC series backstops are designed for installation on low-speed shafts with typical dimensional tolerances and clearances.

They are symmetrical and can be mounted according to the desired free rotation direction of the shaft. The torque arm is a single-section I-beam connected to the backstop by two precision pins. This dramatically simplifies field installation, and the component can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any desired angle while maintaining a uniform load on the flanges.

The components and bearings are continuously self-lubricated in a shielded oil chamber. A double lip seal is positioned adjacent to the bearings to keep oil and environmental contaminants out of the backstop chamber.

Grease nipples in each outer labyrinth are provided for any reapplication of the sealing grease and, when fed, force dirt and old grease out of the labyrinth through the trap.

In addition, a periodic check of the oil level and purity can be performed utilising the oil level indicator during operation or at rest. If the inspection reveals impurities in the oil, draining, flushing, and refilling can be easily accomplished using piping, T-connections and traps.

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