The extended applications of HazardAvert proximity detection system

A conveyor belt rapidly carrying crushed ore on a mine site.

Proximity detection systems in mining have been developed and implemented to enhance the safety of miners working in and around mobile machinery. But what about potential dangers associated with fixed equipment that have moving parts?

Strata Worldwide’s HazardAvert is a proximity detection system (PDS) that meets level 9 safety standards. The applications of HazardAvert are nearly unlimited. Thanks to the flexibility of the technology, coupled with the experience of Strata engineers, HazardAvert can be uniquely configured for specific safety needs on any type of equipment.

The company confirms that part of the future of the HazardAvert system is rooted in stationary equipment with moving components. Equipment such as feeder breakers and conveyors. Strata’s crews have installed the PDS on feeder breakers, where custom-designed electromagnetic fields cover the receiving end of the equipment.

Just as the system does with mobile machinery, HazardAvert will alert workers on foot when they approach the moving feeder breaker chain at a dangerously close proximity. Warning alarms and an LED flasher will warn of potential danger and, if the Hazard Zone is breached, the system will alarm and the chain and crushing roll will be automatically stopped.

Additionally, it is worth noting that a leading cause of injuries can be attributed to fixed conveyors, as well as mobile conveyor bridges at the surface. HazardAVERT Perimeter Guard has been configured to provide a custom and well-defined warning zone around the high-risk components of these conveyors and conveyor bridges, and the system alerts personnel as they unintentionally move too close.

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