Talk about a revolution: Bearing forward to Industry 4.0 with integrated solutions

Just as the world spins on its axis, so does the industrial world revolve around rotating machinery. Since the functionality of bearings is essential to virtually every moving machine, there is an ongoing and increased global demand for bearings that are more efficient, require less maintenance and improve a machine’s life cycle.

As the world’s largest bearing manufacturer, SKF is a name synonymous with bearings. The company, however, has long-realised the oncoming impact that Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will have on their business and customers.

This white paper details how SKF can help businesses achieve optimal rotating equipment performance (REP) through a performance-based model that is both scalable and customisable, and harnesses the various technologies, digital capabilities and knowledge that SKF has developed since their inception 112 years ago.

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