Stope mining: Inflatable SlotSure system

Redrilling a slot can often be a difficult, costly and high risk component of mining a stope. There are now emerging technologies to reduce the time lost for preparing the new slot.

Safety and efficiency are the key deliverables within the mining industry in 2021. The key to improving efficiency within the stope mining process is to implement emerging technologies and methods to reduce the time it takes to complete a stope cycle.

One of the key parts of the stope mining process is to drill a new slot to provide the initial void. With an Inflatable SlotSure system a slot void can be maintained while backfilling the previous stope void allowing works to proceed without the need for raise bore drilling.

This not only speeds up the stope cycle but also reduces any risks that come with raise bore drilling. The system is not only a cost effective solution but is also designed to be durable and re-usable.

Download the whitepaper below to find out more.

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