Smoothly migrate your business to the cloud

Vocus invites you to watch and learn more about multi-cloud strategies, the right ones for your business, and how the cloud is key to long-term viability in the mining sector.

More and more organisations are wanting to understand how cloud and associated services can support their current and future business needs. For many, the expectation is to move everything from its current location to a single cloud provider. The reality is that legacy applications and platforms make a hybrid cloud strategy a better choice.

Moving everything makes the migration of other systems to the cloud more complex, as you need to consider factors such as application interdependencies and on-going interaction. Vocus can help you understand your current environment and how your systems interact with each other. This is critical for knowing what systems need to maintain connectivity to each other and when the best time is to migrate.

A comprehensive cloud strategy should reflect your business’s technological direction, along with short- and long-term goals. It should account for latency and other considerations of the emerging multi-cloud environment to seize the promises of digital transformation.

Your choice of infrastructure will be crucial in ensuring that your multi-cloud environment ultimately meets business requirements – both now and in the future.

Watch this video on Vocus Hybrid Cloud to learn more.

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