Six ways rugged tablets are changing logistics and materials handling

Efficiency is critical in industries such as logistics and materials handling that utilise field and warehouse services. So how do you save time, increase productivity, decrease disruptions and downtime, and improve asset utilisation all at once?

The key to this being the tablet, with its blend of portability, communications, and accessibility. This is not just a short-term trend: both Accenture and IBM have found that companies which embrace this smarter way of working will gain a significant strategic
advantage over the competition.

But the commercial tablets used by your average office worker or teenager cannot stand up to the rigours of industrial work. According to ARN, IDC research shows your average tablet has a failure rate of 15.7 percent, but rugged technology has a failure rate of only three percent.

To get maximum value from your investment, rugged tablets are a must. Here are six ways they are helping to operations in transportation, logistics, field services, and warehouse management.

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