Revegetation: Reviving damaged soil with EnviroSoil


Revegetation in areas where soils are damaged and highly compacted is often an impossible challenge. So how do we overcome that?

First you have to have a detailed understanding of the soil in question. Samples must be taken and analysed to determine the correct amendments that will help to revive the soil.

A unique formulation of organic matter, minerals, nutrients and trace elements work to rejuvenate the soil which is protected and enhanced with a hydromulch blanket to stabilise temperature, retain moisture and feed native seeds to germination.

A thorough understanding of the physical and biological properties of soil is an essential part of determining if a revegetation program has the potential for success.

With this understanding following representative soil analysis and laboratory testing, a tailored amelioration plan can be developed.

Drones equipped with an array of task specific technology can offer a safer, more efficient and highly accurate assessment of physical conditions relating to landform, surface areas, moisture content, plant health and much more.

Mining companies are finding results from this approach to be much more successful and cost effective when compared to a ‘spray and prey’ method of revegetation.

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