Reduce risk of injury: change out G.E.T. without direct human contact

Up to 32% of injuries in surface mining occur due to strenuous movements. One way to reduce this risk is to eliminate the need for human force when removing G.E.T. A new hydraulic arm can safely remove and install G.E.T. without direct human contact.

Direct human involvement in G.E.T. installation and change outs increases the risk of injury on mine sites.

A new hydraulic arm seeks to reduce this risk by removing and installing G.E.T. without human contact.

GRIPAssist can be attached to any skid-steer and handles all types of G.E.T., including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, rope shovels and dragline buckets. Even better: it cuts G.E.T. change out time up to 50%.

To learn how GRIPAssist can help with reducing safety risks and maintenance time, please fill out the form below. 

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