Rammer reinforces maintenance routines

Rammer describes how to get the best out of rockbreaking equipment, through diligent maintenance and responsible operation. 

Improving equipment uptime

Proactively maintaining a regular servicing schedule for the excavator attachment is tried and tested way to cut downtime, avoid costly repairs, improve the overall efficiency of operation and to prolong the life of your investment.

There are multiple approaches to maintain machinery attachments and one of the most effective ways to improve machine maintenance is to collect and analyse data.

Rammer has brought several innovations to the hydraulic rockbreaker market, including constant blow energy, idle blow protection, attachment-mounted dust suppression, automatic lubrication and now with integrated smart technology, Rammer is helping customers avoid unnecessary downtime.

Rammer was the first on the market to add remote monitoring system, RD3 for hydraulic rockbreakers.

The RD3 monitoring device is attached to the rockbreaker pinpointing the exact location of the equipment and customers can simply log into the MyFleet platform to see all the data on operating hours, how the rockbreaker is being operated and required service intervals.

Proactive monitoring

Correct operation is vital to minimise the chance that rockbreaker fails and causes costly unscheduled downtime. One of the major causes of premature failure in rockbreakers is long cycles where the operator continues to hit the button and the piston keeps striking for an extended period of time.

By using advanced electronics to sense the impacts and stresses on the rockbreaker, RD3 provides information on how the rockbreaker is being operated.  With the RD3 data, customers can provide operator education when needed to avoid maintenance costs due to premature failure.

Preventative maintenance

Simply by logging into the MyFleet platform, customers can see all the data on operating hours and required service intervals helping them manage service periods and minimise machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production.

With downtime planned at optimal times based on the data of rockbreaker usage, maintenance programs can be streamlined to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The hour meter shows MyFleet users the total time the rockbreaker has been engaged in rockbreaking that can also ensure a higher re-sale value as the actual work hours are known.


Rammer, the most respected brand for hydraulic attachments, is a part of Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions business area that operates within Sandvik Group, the global engineering giant in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology.

Rammer products are supported by a dedicated global dealer network offering factory-approved maintenance and warranty services and with ready access to genuine Rammer parts and a wealth of operational knowledge and experience the dealer network can ensure Rammer products continue to contribute to customers’ profitability for its entire working life.

Australian authorised Rammer dealer network:

GroundTec in NSW: 
(02) 9642 2030

Walkers Hammers in VIC and TAS: 
(03) 9315 3788

Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA:
1300 921 498

QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and PNG:
(07) 3715 0800

Renex Equipment in SA and the NT:
(08) 8345 0555

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