PowerFlex Drives for Crane and Hoist Applications

If your work involves cranes, hoists or the lifting of any type of load, you understand the unique challenges posed by these types of applications. Safety, reliability and productivity are always on your mind. Fortunately, Allen-Bradley® drives are specifically designed to make your job easier. And you can select the type of drive that best meets your needs. AC. DC. Low voltage. Medium voltage.

Put these PowerFlex® drive capabilities to work for you and invest in improved performance:

TorqProve™ Control helps verify control of a load in
lifting applications

Anti-sway capability is designed to improve safety and
efficiency by reducing the swinging of a moving load

Regeneration enables a drive to put energy back on
the incoming line, providing a braking solution that is
far more energy efficient than resistive braking

Premier Integration is the exclusive experience of
integrating Allen-Bradley smart devices into the Logix
control environment. It helps you save configuration
time and simplify your application

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