Next generation Stieber releasable backstops offer improved performance and functionality

Stieber Clutch torque limiting/load sharing backstops with release functionality allow the tension of a jammed mine conveyor belt to be carefully released using a simple hydraulic pump.

These releasable backstops are capable of performing as many reverse rotations as required (within the limits of energy dissipation) to completely unload a conveyor prior to performing maintenance work. This feature can significantly reduce downtime and ensure that any loss of productivity is kept to a minimum on large inclined conveyors. Model RDBR-E low-speed releasable backstops are externally mounted, self-contained on a shaft extension with a torque arm. Units are ideal for use on conveyors that require load sharing or a release function. Model RDBK high-speed releasable backstops are designed for multi-drive conveyor systems, where two or more backstops share the reverse load.

To find out why a load sharing, Stieber Releasable Backstop solution was selected for use on new conveyors at a Coal Complex in Australia, download the white paper by filling out the form below.

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