Monitoring wall stability in open pit mining

In a large Australian coal mine, a significant crack developed in one of the main walls of the pit. Finding a robust platform that could reliably measure any deviation in the wall and alert management immediately was critical to mitigate safety and production risk.

Traditional optical monitoring techniques utilising a total station could be used in these scenarios. Although accurate, the manual operation of such an instrument would not generate the frequency of data required and increase the level of risk by requiring its manual operation. An autonomous optical solution would mitigate this but with a greater footprint of infrastructure and cost.

Wireless, autonomous monitoring 

In this scenario, the Senceive wireless monitoring solution was established on site to provide constant, autonomous reporting to mine management and operations teams.

Three optical displacement and triaxial tilt sensors were setup along the crest of the pit wall in the area surrounding the wall cracks. These small cube-shaped sensors include an integrated EDM that was programmed to shoot measurements every 10 minutes. The measurements show any expansion or contraction of the cracks in the pit wall.

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