Modular cooling solutions can improve productivity and safety on your mine

Hot temperatures can endanger worker safety, reduce equipment efficiency and drain mining operation resources with blazing speed. But with modular mine cooling solutions, operation managers and ventilation engineers can scale their mining efforts with ease and safety.

Here’s how:

Short-term cooling and ventilation systems

Why invest in high-maintenance infrastructure when the equipment may only be required on a temporary basis during the summer months? Rental cooling solutions reduce overhead and allow for maximum scalability.

Cost-savings through fit-for-purpose rentals

Companies can easily spend up to $1 million in capital expenditures for every megawatt of permanent refrigeration. Save money in the short and long term with rental cooling towers and chillers.

Scale quickly to leverage industry cycles

The mining industry is constantly in flux, making profitability an issue of adaptability. With portable rental systems, you can take advantage of an upturn in the market quickly and with limited infrastructure investment.

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