Mistracking belts – Examining the causes

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your operation go from working at peak productivity to a complete stop because of an issue with your belt conveyor.

The odds of this happening are slim if you are keeping up-to-date with proactive, preventative maintenance. This is especially true with conveyor belts. Performing regularly scheduled audits should alert you to a problem with your belts and the components they interact with.

During those belt assessments, it is common to come across some mistracking since even the slightest movement or change in the conveyor can throw the belt off track.

Mistracking can result in several productivity-stalling problems, including downtime and cost from total belt replacement; safety hazards that could result in fines and the possibility of workplace injuries; and lost materials due to spillage from the mistracked belt. If caught early and fixed, a mistracking belt does little damage to the conveyor or the belt. However, if missed or left unfixed, other types of damage can occur.

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