Mine site dust suppression: Stockpile dust control

Stockpiles are an essential part of the mining, civil and infrastructure sectors. With varying width, height and erosion of these piles, site management is subject to stringent protocols to protect employees, contractors and the wider community.

Traditional dust control methods for stockpiles involve frequent dispersion of water onto the substrate to help weigh down the surface matter and prevent the impacts of wind and rain erosion. These methods however are short-lived, not very practical and use a high levels of water resource each year. This method also invites the potential for pollution and contamination, along with environmental impacts, safety concerns, labour, operations and equipment costs.

There is an alternative to be found in specially formulated polymer based suppressants. Diluted into water at varying rates, it is possible to suppress dust for up to 12 months without the need for multiple passes.

This case study shows how eco-friendly polymer based solutions are the way to go.

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