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Total Rockbreaking Solutionsthe official dealer for Rammer rockbreakers in Western Australia, discusses how to maintain your equipment for a long and happy life. 

Tool Lubrication and Correct Greasing Practice

Lubrication remains critical to keeping your equipment in good condition. If lubrication is inadequate, damage can be almost instantaneous, and it can dramatically reduce the equipment’s operating life.

Rockbreaker tools are subject to extreme wear that requires proper lubrication and care to achieve a long, trouble-free life.

Tool lubricant must have properties to withstand high temperature and extreme pressure.

As part of Rammer’s aim to help support more sustainable rockbreaking operations, Rammer has developed Rammer BIO Tool Grease. The grease is a high-performance biodegradable product for hydraulic rockbreakers, developed in collaboration with key customers in mining and construction industries to help them actively reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.

BIO Tool Grease is specially formulated to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it safe for use in areas with strict building codes like urban and city sites, in underwater applications, and in environmentally sensitive locations like groundwater areas.

The greasing practice depends on application and operating method. Tool grease consumption is higher in applications where the tool is penetrating and movements are longer than in impact breaking applications where the tool is steadily against thrust ring. Greasing should be increased in dusty applications.

The proper procedure is reached when wet grease is visible about the length equal to tool diameter on the tool just beneath the housing bottom plate.

Failure to grease regularly will significantly increase wear rates on the bush and tool. Excessively worn bush and tool should be replaced without delay before the internal components are damaged.

Rammer offers special tool lubricants and automatic tool lubrication systems that provide maximum lubrication whilst only using minimum grease amount, prolonging the tool and bushing life and minimising downtime.

Rammer customers can find instructions for correct greasing practices in the model specific operator’s manual, although the operator should adjust suitable practice for the application daily.

Right tool is a key to productivity

Correctly matching the right tool to the job application is critical to achieving the highest level of production with lowest possible operating costs.

First, it is vital to determine if the job is an “impact” or “penetrative” breaking application. Rammer has several tool models designed with “job specific” work requirements, providing excellent value, long-life and maximum performance.

In “impact” applications, it is important to identify the level of abrasive characteristics in the material. Rammer Super Blunt tools provide excellent wear characteristic and long life in applications involving highly abrasive oversize materials, for example high silica content boulders.

Primary breaking of hard rock will require Hard rock chisel tool. This tool is geometrically designed for the highest production possible and a long service life. Penetrative applications such as breaking of limestone and non-reinforced concrete require Limestone chisel tool which is designed specifically for faster penetration while reducing the idle blow effects found in soft material applications.

Authorised Rammer dealers supply genuine tools and will help you select the correct tools and parts for your attachment and application.


Rammer, the most respected brand for hydraulic attachments, is a part of Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions business area that operates within Sandvik Group, the global engineering giant in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology.

Rammer products are supported by a dedicated global dealer network with ready access to genuine Rammer parts and a wealth of operational knowledge and experience to ensure that Rammer product continues to contribute to customers’ profitability for its entire working life.

Australian authorised Rammer dealer network (https://www.attachmentspecialists.com.au/rammer):

GroundTec in NSW:
(02) 9642 2030

Walkers Hammers in VIC, SA and TAS:
(03) 9315 3788

Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA:
1300 921 498

QLD Rockbreakers in QLD, NT and PNG:
(07) 3452 0772

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