Laminated bus plate technology revolutionizes energy distribution

Energy consumption has already for some time been disrupted by increasingly higher energy demands. Globally, the need for electrical energy is increasing in line with world population growth, industrialization and urbanization. The increase in consumption stems from recently introduced businesses, such as the e-mobility sector, and people using electric cars.

The main challenge is still there, how to distribute the same amount of energy within smaller spaces, in a more efficient way, with lower energy losses. This increases the level of requirements on currently utilized technologies and requires us to look into new ways of how existing products could be redesigned to provide an answer to these well-known challenges.

Energy distribution in low-voltage systems starts with the busbar system, which is defined by horizontal and vertical busbars, from where the energy is further distributed to components. Today, there are new ways to approach making energy distribution more efficient. One of them is laminated bus plate technology. This technology is currently used in ABB’s newest low-voltage switchgear NeoGear. NeoGear has unleashed the full potential of this new technology application, the basics of which will be further introduced in this whitepaper.

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