Key ways to increase safety in mining with rugged tablets

Embracing digitalisation is impacting the players in the mining industry across many levels: From autonomous drilling and data-driven raw material analysis to digital tools enabling preventive maintenance and risk reduction in mining inspections, there are many ways by which mining and mineral exploration companies are leveraging the advancements in digital technologies.

Taking full advantage of these digital trends in mining would rely on having access to high-performing devices that are capable of processing large amounts of data efficiently, while remaining portable and rugged enough to be suitable for the demanding mining work environment.

Commercial devices are not capable of handling the high temperatures, pressures, and dust present in the harsh environments of underground mines or quarry sites. Getac offers a comprehensive range of rugged solutions, including tablets, laptops and convertibles in the 7” to 15” range that are specifically designed for such environments.

This white paper discusses some of the key ways by which rugged tablets are helping enhance safety in mining and exploration operations.

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