Key success factors for analytics in mining and metals companies


Today, analytics promise to deliver new efficiencies within industrial operations. To maximise the value of industrial analytics, you need a strategic approach that addresses edge, enterprise and cloud tools for operations data while minimising delays and failures from data inaccessibility, intensive data processing and poor data quality.

In this webinar, Martin Provencher, Industry Principal at OSISoft, discusses how large mineral companies use a real-time software infrastructure with various tools to give users the ability to sift through available data and transform it into information for business continuous improvement and optimisation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The latest trends within industrial analytics, and best practices for success
  • How sophisticated data infrastructure, combined with edge and cloud technology, support different types of analytics for varying audiences
  • Analytics success within metals and mining companies from engineers and managers to data scientists within IT and OT groups

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