Keeping equipment quiet

Highly effective support system for reducing vibration and noise when installing pipes and tubes.

STAUFF is pleased to present the patented concept of NRC clamps (Noise Reduction Clamps) for reducing noise and vibration in installations of pipes and tubes with outside diameters between 6 and 88.9 mm or 1⁄4 to 3 1⁄2“.

The working principle is based on polyamide clamp bodies following the Standard Series according to DIN 3015, Part 1 with a specially shaped, two-part elastomer insert, which mechanically absorbs vibrations in the pipe hence the result is that it reduces noise. The insert’s design ensures minimal surface contact with the pipe and clamp body, and as a result is far more effective than the conventional profiled or smooth bore pipe clamp. The design of the insert and body is a tongue & groove contour which is reversed and thus diverges from DIN 3015. This enables the system to be used for the widest possible range of pipe diameters per clamp size, which also provides a more flexible and versatile clamping of the pipe.

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