Introducing LINATEX® LOCTITE® – LINA 88™ Adhesive Range: Solvent-Free Rubber Bonding Solution

A wide range of processing equipment in mining requires rubber lining to reduce wear, abrasion, shock or corrosion and extend wear life of the equipment.

In order to bond rubber, currently the industry uses a combination of hot vulcanisation or solvent-based products for cold bonding. Their drawbacks are the complexity of the hot vulcanisation process and the issues linked to the flammable ingredients of solvent-based products.

The LINATEX® LOCTITE® – LINA 88 adhesive range was developed by Henkel, in collaboration with Weir Minerals. It is a new, solvent-free and zero-VOC system for the cold bonding of rubber in the mining industry, overcoming the limitations of current solutions available on the market.

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