Inmarsat launches Tailings Insight to support safer management

Inmarsat has launched Tailings Insight, a new Internet of Things solution (IoT) for monitoring mining tailings storage facilities (TSF). Discover why the award-winning solutions enable safer, faster and more reliable mining operations.

The solution builds on and upgrades its award-winning Tailings Dam Monitoring Solution and is available in two new propositions: Tailings Insight – Cloud and Tailings Insight – Plus.

The flexible propositions are designed to respond to the differing needs of miners, and reflect Inmarsat’s commitment to building more transparent, safer management of TSFs globally.

Inmarsat launched its award-winning Tailings Dam Monitoring Solution in March last year after several years of development with industry partners.

As a fully managed service, the solution worked by collecting data from a range of industry-established sensors via Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) edge connectivity, before transferring that data across Inmarsat’s L-band network to a dashboard.

This ensured that mining companies were able to see the status of key metrics in one place and in real-time, facilitating more responsive decision-making and safer mining operations.

To create its new solution, Inmarsat has further developed aspects of the original solution to build a new application and a powerful new interoperable platform that increases the solution’s versatility.

Discover solution here. 

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