Increase the efficiency of your drill and blast process

Uneven terrain and blocked drill holes can reduce the efficiency of many mine sites, particularly as Australia’s northern mining regions begin to experience severe weather conditions.

An uneven surface makes drilling blast holes all the more difficult and time consuming – not to mention the risk of creating potentially dangerous un-blasted areas. Then there’s the added problem of drill holes being filled with water and debris, creating further delays onsite.

Vermeer Equipment of WA and NT assists a number of leading mining companies in keeping their drill and blast processes functioning and productive. To make it simple, Vermeer promotes a three-stage process using two of its most popular machines.

Stage 1: Levelling an uneven flitch

Vermeer’s T1255 and T1655 Terrain Leveller SEM can prepare drill pads and tracks (using in situ material) to accommodate autonomous drills, trucks and personnel. Its stability and manoeuvrability make it the ideal machine for use on any demanding terrain.

The machine also features Trimble integration, SmartTec GPS, providing operators with real-time updates. Plus, a remote-control option is available, to provide peace-of-mind in high-risk or challenging areas.

Stage 2: Hole reclaiming

Vermeer’s VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator can suck up dirt and water to reclaim holes after rain events, quickly removing wet and dry spoils to retain original drill patterns – without interrupting short-term objectives. Nimble and packed with power, the excavator is fitted onto a rugged dual axle heavy duty C channel trailer, eliminating the need for heavier and more cumbersome vacuum trucks on-site.

Our VX range trailer or truck can also be mine specced with a static system to mitigate any risk around ANFO.

Don’t let the weather dictate the course of events. The VX30-250 is a “no-hassle” machine for any weather condition that you can take to almost any location on site.

Stage 3: Enjoy greater productivity

The T1255 (or T1655) Terrain Leveller and VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator have many other uses on-site, so they hardly sit idle. From extracting ore around sensitive geological sites or close to existing infrastructure, to haul road maintenance, to culvert cleaning. From pit floor drainage to non-destructive digging and cleaning around fixed plant and conveyors. Vermeer machines are the best investment you can make offering power, precision and productivity.

Vermeer VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator


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