Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: The Complete Guide

Hydraulic cylinders are some of the most hardworking components in any operation. We ask a lot of these simple actuators. They are often required to run at high duty cycles, with extreme pressure loads in tough environments. There are many reasons for a hydraulic cylinder to fail including fluid contamination, seal failure, bent or scored piston rods, deformed cylinder tubes, corrosion, worn tolerances, internal leakage or lack of lubricant. All cylinders inevitably lose performance and sometimes even fail completely. However, with the right maintenance, discipline and attention to the important things, it’s possible to keep your cylinders running strongly, efficiently and costing less in the long run. In this guide we will arm you with the information you need to spot issues before they become major headaches, and provide you with the right information to get your cylinders back to peak operating efficiency when things go wrong.

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