Fire Forensics investigate marijuana grow house fire

Fire Forensics

An illegal wiring installed in a house set up to grow marijuana caught fire.

Years after signing the lease, the five-bedroom house, which had been jury rigged internally to grow marijuana, had a fire. The tenants are nowhere to be seen and were not been able to be located following the fire.

The wiring inside the house had been modified to supply the high-power grow/hydroponic lamps required for the marijuana plants. Vents had been cut through the walls and a large number of transformers had been installed in the linen closet to supply the heat lamps. These electrical appliances had been stored in an unventilated closet, without adequate ventilation to allow the heat producing appliances to dissipate. Six rooms had been modified to grow plants, with heat shielding on the windows, plastic liners on all the floors and multiple heat lamps installed in each room.

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