Extra power to cool deep mine shafts


A Canadian mining site has deep-shaft mines which go almost 10,000 feet below the surface. As you get further down, the temperature increases so a cooling solution is required to allow miners to continue working.

Through the winter, the ambient air is very cold so it can be forced down the shaft to provide the necessary cooling but when it is warmer outside this is less effective.

When the temperatures are very high the miners can only work for 15 minutes every hour, meaning productivity is cut by 75 per cent while costs remain the same.

They had a cooling plant designed and commissioned, but didn’t have enough existing power to run it, or the expertise to install power at the remote part of the site where the deep shaft is.

This whitepaper details how Aggreko worked with the engineering contractor to devise an energy system that could be installed next to the deep shaft and would provide all the necessary power for the cooling plant.

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