Epiroc launches compact profile Cabletec M

Epiroc’s compact two-in-one Cabletec M cable bolting and drill rig for 4.5 x 4.5 profiles has just become available on the Australian market. Australian Mining reports.

Epiroc’s Cabletec technology came to Australia in 2012. One of the first companies to trial the larger Cabletec L was mining contractor Macmahon, who praised it as “a very competitive drill” that achieved cable bolting rates of up to 7000 metres a month.

The two-in-one dual-boom rig — one for long-hole drilling and one for grout and cable installation, has clear productivity benefits. The Cabletec L is too large for many of Australia’s underground mine sites, which has been the major motivator in Epiroc launching their Cabletec M. This machine — which has just been launched in Australia — boasts the exclusive automation technology and features of Cabletec L, but in a compact form. Its 4.5 x 4.5 drive size makes it a good contender for underground Australian mining applications.

“The Cabletec M has all the benefits of the L but has the ability to fit into areas the L cannot with its 4.5 x 4.5 drive size. The main difference is instead of carrying the 17 rods as the L can, the M carries 10 rods. It also has a shorter feed length,” explained Shaiful Ali, Epiroc’s business line manager for underground rock excavation. “Otherwise, the features are exactly the same.”

And with these features, come great benefits. The Cabletec M incorporates Epiroc’s signature Rig Control System (RCS), providing automatic drilling and cement handling systems.

The automated cleaning of the mixing unit and grout injection hose further optimises the equipment’s efficiency and availability.

According to Shaiful, this machine is among the most advanced and productive fully mechanised cable bolting rigs of its kind.

“It’s a configuration that effectively reduces drilling and bolting cycle time.

“There’s a clear financial benefit when you have a two-in-one machine with the ability to automate your processes. The machine then becomes ‘fit for purpose’; you’re not using materials that you don’t need,” he enthused.

“For example, the automation of the mixing unit means you will only use as much cement as you need. Likewise, if you don’t have any cable bolting production, you can just use the machine as a long-hole drill.”

Shaiful anticipates mining operators will soon embrace Cabletec M. The success that Macmahon experienced using Cabletec L at the Savannah nickel mine in Western Australia, has shown that the rig — with its two-in-one abilities — increases productivity.

Importantly, Epiroc aims to implement and integrate the technology to the best advantage of its clients. Training is a key aspect of that. At Macmahon, Epiroc product specialists went onsite to provide training to those working with the rigs.

“The RCS training that our fitters received for the Cabletec have made diagnostics easier and allowed an increase in availability figures,” said Macmahon drilling superintendent, Craig Norris.

“Maintenance is easier with the RCS training. We put our maintenance team through the training program prior to the delivery of the Cabletec and it has paid off many times over.”

As a leading supplier of rock excavation equipment for more than 140 years, Epiroc’s latest Cabletec model encapsulates the very essence of its brand: innovation. And as Shaiful summarises, “It gives operators greater control of the process.”

For more information about how Cabletec technology can improve ground support in underground mining, download the form below.

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