Energy Solutions for On-Grid Mines

Aggreko has decades of experience providing market leading mobile and modular power, heating and cooling to the mining sector – but their flexible solutions aren’t just for off-grid mines.

Your site may be grid-connected but that doesn’t mean your power is guaranteed. The mining sector is changing rapidly, fuelled by emission regulations, capital restraints and fuel costs. The national grid that provides you with power will be affected by these transformations, which will influence the power you receive.

A mine can undergo many changes throughout its lifecycle, and its lifespan can range from 3 to 70 years. During this time, your operations may expand or retract, and the grid may not have the flexibility you need for your mine to flourish, or the price your profit margins need.

Aggreko’s equipment and expertise can provide you with the flexibility and reliability your site needs – and with a range of benefits to boot.

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