Emergency preparedness for miner safety

When emergency strikes and miners underground are unable to escape, it is critical to provide them with a sustained source of safe breathing air.

Over the years, mining operations have learned that it is imperative to have a proactive plan in place to safeguard against the possibility of an event underground leaving people unable to escape. It is a necessity to provide an isolated environment into which workers can retreat to find temporary security and shelter while they await rescue, or the event is resolved.

Strata Worldwide is a global supplier of emergency refuge chambers and first introduced its line in 2007. Along with its traditional steel-sided walk-in chamber, the company pioneered a completely air-powered inflatable chamber and an air-powered carbon dioxide (CO2) scrubber for use in gaseous environments such as underground coal mines.

In 2020, Strata unveiled a newly designed electrical walk-in chamber which provides greater flexibility in custom configurations and is more easily tailored to meet local and industry regulations. The Strata ERCX boasts a list of standard and custom features and upgrades, including the latest in intelligent technologies for communication, automation and remote monitoring and control.

Live monitoring and communications 

In an emergency when the chambers are used, the separation between personnel in the chamber and surface crews can be drastically reduced with the incorporation of Strata’s Intelligent Monitoring, Alert, Communication and Control (IMACC) system.

This system provides connectivity from underground chambers to the surface via the mine’s main communication network. The IMACC system can be integrated into any existing network system, including Strata’s own solutions.

Regardless of the emergency at hand, keeping lines of communication open to individuals underground will undoubtedly provide a higher level of comfort.

Watch an animated video of the Strata ERCX.

For more information, please contact  one of the regional offices:

NSW: Tel: +61 2 4960 9705
QLD: T: +61 (0) 437 827 761
WA: 61 (0) 422 116 666

Email: office@strataproducts.com.au
Website: www.strataworldwide.com

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