Efficient priming with AllightSykes anti-spit technology


AllightSykes’ compressor priming system allows customers to dry prime their pump, without the need to manually fill the suction line or use a wet prime tank.

The compressor prime design employs compressed air passed through a Venturi jet, which evacuates air from the suction and pump, creating a vacuum and allowing atmospheric pressure to force water into the pump and removing the need to manually fill the pump with water.

Once the pump has been primed, the nozzle spits out a small amount of the pumped fluid to the ground and the surrounding environment. Mounting on top of the pump’s priming tee, the anti-spit then prevents the discharge from the nozzle.

This allows the pump to be used on environmentally sensitive applications without the need to run a hose from the nozzle discharge back to the sump. The efficient anti-spit technology can be retrofitted to any of AllightSykes’ existing products.

Download the whitepaper below to learn more, or visit allightsykes.com.

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