EAGLE XT Series LED light boasts latest solar panel tech

Picture: Screenshot of Innovative Lighting Australia YouTube video.

Solar lighting is fast becoming an alternative to regional areas and mining sites.

Innovative Lighting Australia is a distributor for IQ Lighting. One of the latest additions to the product portfolio is the EAGLE XT Series all-in-one solar LED light.

It has a market leading 220lm / W LED Panel powered by a lithium iron phosphate (LiFe P04) on-board battery system rated at more than 2000 full battery recharges cycles.

The EAGLE XT Series also has the latest solar panel technology “bifacial”, which increase efficiency by up to 30 per cent over traditional solar panels as it absorbs light from both above and reflected light from the underside of the panel.

Developed with extendable and rotating LED light modules allows the installer to aim and direct the light to the desired area and achieve the best possible results and light uniformity. The model is programmable and is controlled by microwave sensor technology providing up to seven days autonomy. The EAGLE XT can easily be transformed into an IoT device providing the following information:

–          Automatic fault alarm

–          Remote monitoring

–          Remote control

–          Battery management

–          Map location

This information can be accessed by connecting to the unit via Bluetooth, or when connected to a Wifi network. For more information on the EAGLE XT, please click on the link to view the video.

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