Don’t walk, weld: The overarching benefits of ArcReach technology

Every time a welding operator pauses their work on a weld joint to walk to a power source and change the settings, they lose time. Which translates to a loss of productivity. This ‘stop and start’ process also affects the quality of the weld as the welding operator loses focus and increases the need for revision. In addition to this, there is the question of safety, particularly when it comes to multi-storied, busy job sites.

This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of Miller’s remote control welding technology through welding cable. ArcReach is a solution that minimises the non-value-added time spent walking to and from a power source to make adjustments to welding parameters. Included on welding products such as the Miller Big Blue 800x Air Pak and XMT 350 FieldPro, ArcReach maximises arc-on time, weld quality and job safety.

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