Discover the Power Island with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Power Technique turns industrial ideas into leading edge technology. With passionate people, expertise and service, it brings sustainable values to every industry. You can take a flight over Atlas’ sustainable and green island and discover solutions offer, in an almost real environment.

You can enjoy the experience in two ways:

Take a flight over the Power Island

Enjoy the Power Island by flying over the sustainable and green island by bird’s-eye view and discover all its corners. You can fly over chemical plants, a metropolitan construction, a quarry and more!

Live a 360° experience

You can also have an on-site experience surrounded by products at three locations. You can visit the chemical plant where Atlas Copco’s air compressors work. In the metropolitan construction site, there are quiet energy systems working parallel with the latest pumps and much more. And when you’re in the quarry, you will find the latest additions to the light tower portfolio.

Experience this now here: or watch the video below:

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