Compare: Trinity F90+ and WingtraOne VTOL drones

In a 28-page comparison report, all aspects of these two leading VTOL survey drones are put through their paces.

From setup and handling, through to flight planning and landing, we cover it all!

If you’re narrowing down the best option for your business, download the Trinity F90+ and WingtraOne comparison today.

Quantum Systems has tested the Trinity F90+ and WingtraOne survey drones to enable you to make an informed decision about the best VTOL option for your business.

In this 28-page comparison report, all aspects of the survey drones are put through their paces, including:

  • Transportation and packaging
  • Setup and handling
  • Materials and quality
  • Flight planning
  • Take off and landing
  •  Airborne
  •  Available cameras
  • PPK vs RTK/PPK and accuracy
  • Test images and quality
  • Specifications
  • Total cost of ownership

For the product comparison, the Trinity F90+ UAV and WingtraOne (not WingtraOne Gen II) were used with RX1 RII RGB camera.

After the release of the WingtraOne Gen II, the document was updated with accessible information, e.g. from Wingtra website, webinars and presentations.

These are marked as “Update” and highlighted in orange text. The results of the flights and data quality and accuracy are not affected.

Position Partners is the Australasian distributor for Quantum Systems.

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