Smart cloud-based conveyor health monitoring

cloud-based conveyor health

Aura IQ was designed and tested in partnership by Australia-based, ASX listed Future Fibre Technologies, and leading mining industry research organisation, Mining3.

The system uses fibre optic cable and revolutionary photonic sensing technology, integrated with advanced signal processing algorithms and predictive analytics, to proactively monitor and track the health of the rollers along mining conveyor belts. This continual monitoring and measuring is to ensure that the rollers are in stable condition and not at risk of failure. Damaged rollers can be a major source of fire hazards and can result in significant productivity down time.

By autonomously monitoring the rollers using intelligent technologies, mines can eliminate the need for in-person manual inspections and troubleshooting, which can entail kilometres of walking along the belt lines.

Strata Worldwide is a Premium Partner of Future Fibre Technologies and has product distribution in Australia, South Africa, and North America.

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