BlastWeb 4G eliminates downtime due to blasting


Dyno Nobel’s BlastWeb 4G electronic initiation system is an industry leading, centralised blasting system specifically developed for underground blasting. It provides the increase in production by eliminating downtime before and during blasting. BlastWeb 4G also enhances safety by allowing reliable remote initiation from a safe location on the surface.

Due to the inherently safe design principals implemented in Dyno Nobel’s electronic detonators and the BlastWeb 4G system, blast faces can be connected, tested and monitored prior to the allocated blasting window, without the need to stand down equipment early and clear personnel out of the area.

The system is designed to provide the operation with the ability to safely initiate all development and production blasts from a central location on the surface.

These capabilities reduce downtime due to blasting, allowing mines to increase operational efficiencies by keeping equipment working longer during every shift.

Download the whitepaper below to learn more:


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