Aqura’s ARC platform for mining exploration

Mining exploration is a nomadic and isolated exercise, placing teams and equipment in remote locations with negligible communications.

Traditionally, exploration teams waited days to weeks until they returned to base to upload and analyse data, leading to delays, inefficiency and missed opportunities. Modern mining requires communications for process, analysis and also staff wellbeing. Both remoteness and moving locations make communications challenging.

While elements like private LTE and satellite backhaul existed to solve facets of the connectivity problem, a platform integrating all the elements needed did not exist. Exploration teams communicated using expensive and bandwidth limited satellite phones. Devices may have had individual connectivity but not the means to communicate together locally. Staff were also left with the challenges of configuring each device and trying to achieve some harmony between them.

Aqura’s Autonomous Rapid Communications (ARC) platform solves these challenges by marrying rugged mobility with data and voice communications along with computing capability.

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