A new and improved practical guide to welding fume control

welding fume control

This Practical Guide to Welding Fume Control gives workplaces clear and practical advice that can help to keep welding fume exposure to an acceptable level.

This guide is based on a simple premise – the health risk posed by welding fume is serious, however, keeping yourself safe can be straightforward.

In this guide, AWS outlines the dangers of welding fume and provides actionable and practical guidance based specifically on the welding industry.

The updated 2022 Practical Guide includes:

  • Most common chemicals workers may be exposed to when welding. The source of these chemicals, the respective health effects, and the current workplace exposure standards.
  • Delves deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of LEV, including Fixed LEV, Portable LEV, and On-Gun Fume Extraction.
  • Clearer guidance on product control selection.

Download the guide here.

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