Wheel separations prompt alert

QUEENSLAND Chief Inspector of Explosives Robert Sheridan has issued a safety alert following incidents where wheels have separated from vehicles carrying explosives.

“The purpose of this safety alert is to remind those involved in the transportation of explosives of the importance of following manufacturer’s maintenance standards when servicing or replacing wheels on explosives vehicles, and to ensure that licence holders review their safety management systems to check that vehicle maintenance requirements are adequately covered,” Sheridan said.

He said there had been several incidents in the past 12 months where wheels have separated from vehicles.

“This, given the nature of products being carried, has the potential to cause serious damage or injury to persons,” he said.

“When a wheel becomes detached from a heavy vehicle it may simply come to rest without causing any further damage or harm. However, in the wrong circumstances, it can collide with other vehicles or road users and cause an accident and, in some cases, records show that this has resulted in fatalities.

“In the worst case of a collision the explosives in the vehicle may be subject to friction, impact, shock or heat that could lead to an unplanned explosive event.”

To download this Safety Alert click here.

N QLD Chief Inspector of Explosives

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