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What makes ‘AusProof’ AusProof?

It is important that the equipment being used on a worksite is of a high quality, that it is reliable, durable, and above all, safe. This is especially so in hazardous environments and when working around high voltage electricity.

Being committed to providing the industry with products and accessories that meet this need, to constantly improving existing products and designing coupler innovations, is part of the AusProof DNA.

Utilising nearly 50 years of combined professional and operational experience, this commitment is not just to Australians, but to mining, tunnelling and pumping sites around the world.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM), AusProof utilises nearly 50 years of combined professional and operational experience in order to provide the mining, tunnelling and pumping industries with high quality cable coupler solutions.

Located in Gladstone, Queensland, AusProof offers both high and low voltage couplers, plugs and receptacles in aluminium and stainless steel.

Placing a high priority on safety, reliability and durability, on-site facilities allow for the dedicated assembly and in-house testing of all available products.

With a passion for innovation and exploring the unknown, AusProof’s research and development (R&D) team is always looking for the next issue to tackle, a new solution to design, and ways to improve their current product range.

While some projects undertaken by AusProof’s R&D team have come from internal ideas and discussions, some projects, such as the development of the ground-breaking 35kV coupler and the original 22kV coupler, were tackled in order to meet the specific need of a client.

If high voltage cable coupler solutions are what you need, AusProof has aluminium options available from 6.6kV–22kV | 425A–800A and rated to IP68, with Ex-certified IP66 stainless steel products available with an operating voltage of 11kV and rated to 800A.

Should the site require a low voltage coupler system, products in AusProof’s aluminium and ex-certified stainless steel restrained ranges offer operating voltages from 660V–3300V and are rated from 60A–425A, with receptacles available in a range of assemblies and release options.

Some standard features of AusProof couplers include genderless designs, phase to phase segregation with earth, insulation that extinguishes arcs and faults, minimisation of partial discharge and corona, and ergonomic designs for ease of handling and occupational health and safety (OH&S) support.

AusProof is driven to stretching the limits of current understanding and knowledge of electrical cable couplers and electrical conductivity. As such, over the years AusProof has released many new innovative features and accessories to assist in creating a safe, efficient and productive worksite, such as the:

  • LED Live Line Indicator, for improved awareness and safety both above and below ground;
  • Removable Flange, to assist in and streamline flameproof path maintenance of 11kV stainless steel couplers;
  • patented Ratchet Release option for aluminium restrained range receptacles, assisting in product installation and maintenance efficiency; and
  • high voltage Fibre Optics range, developed using expanded beam technology, to assist sites using integrated cable and equipment fibre optics with the collection of data.

With a percentage of turnover allocated each year to AusProof’s R&D team, they are always hard at work designing new and redeveloping existing products.

AusProof products are used not just in the Australian market but around the world, with couplers supplied to Africa, the USA, the UK, South America, and parts of New Zealand and Asia.

Whether your industry is above or below ground, handling mining, tunnelling or pumping projects, located in Australia or somewhere across the pond, get in touch with one of AusProof’s state sales representatives to discuss how AusProof products can help the site in question meet its needs.

For more information, visit the AusProof website.

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