WesTrac makes noise suppression its own


WesTrac has acquired an Australian manufacturer for the mining, manufacturing and construction industries, Hushpak Engineering, to bolster its noise suppression capabilities.

As a leading Cat dealer, WesTrac will have a range of mobile and fixed equipment on which to apply Hushpak’s technology, in the form of mufflers, enclosures, and acoustic cladding and testing.

Hushpak general manager Michael Neville said the acquisition was a natural progression for the company, after growing under WesTrac’s wing for some time.

“Hushpak has worked with WesTrac for many years and this is a natural extension of that very successful relationship,” he said.

“We will continue to maintain the same focus across all Hushpak solution areas, providing advanced design and manufacturing services for every make and model of mobile and fixed plant equipment.

“Hushpak’s capability to service the non-Caterpillar market has not been affected, as these customers can still engage us as they have always done.”

An increasing number of mines and quarries are being subjects to noise complaints and regulations, which inspired WesTrac’s desire to improve itself in this area.

Not only can Hushpak provide the tools to suppress noise, but it can test and identify where these tools are best applied.

WesTrac NSW strategic growth manager Alan Corcoran said his domain in the Hunter Valley would be a great beneficiary of this deal.

“Hushpak’s ability to analyse noise sources and develop solutions using advanced acoustic engineering principles was of great interest to WesTrac,” Corcoran said.

“We were investigating ways to grow our own capability and the opportunity to acquire Hushpak allowed us to fast-track that growth by aligning with the best in the business.

“Also, now that Hushpak is part of the WesTrac family, their staff can access far more information, ensuring solutions are fit for purpose and meet the same reliability reputation that applies to all aspects of the Cat product.”

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