Weir’s Linatex ceramic hose promises high durability standards

Weir Minerals has unveiled a new Linatex ceramic hose that promises to meet the demands of the mining industry.

The new hose combines linacure rubber with ceramic tiles for improved durability when moving abrasive minerals.

Weir said the ceramic hose is designed to withstand sites handling hard ores.

“It’s the quality of our rubber that really sets us apart from the competition, providing superior penetration of the tile layer and preventing tiles from dislodging during operation,” said regional rubber application manager for Weir Minerals Australia, Rod Dawson.

“To maximise resistance, Linatex ceramic hose also utilises hexagonal tiles, which are more resistant to dislodgment and wear than traditional square patterns.

“For a new product to be able to fall under the Linatex brand, it must provide the very best in performance.

“We’ve put a lot of energy and resources into developing a hose that meets the demands facing miners around the world, and I can’t wait for more customers to see the results for themselves.”

The tiles in the ceramic hose are available in three millimetres, six millimetres and 12 millimetres configurations, ensuring they are suited for a range of mining activities.

Weir has engineered the tiles at a size that avoids severe abrasion while also reducing the chance of cracking.

The new hose will help begin the launch of Linatex mine tested products.

Weir’s Linatex brand has been manufacturing hoses for over 40 years, with the new ceramic hose available worldwide.

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