Weir clears the air with solvent-free adhesive


Weir Minerals has manufactured a new range of adhesive for rubber lining which uses zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in a first for the mining industry.

Linatex Loctite – LINA 88 was manufactured by Weir in a partnership with Henkel – a leading solutions provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings.

The companies set out to create a product which was kind on the user and the environment, as high-VOC products are becoming increasingly restricted in some countries including China.

Typically, VOCs are necessary in adhesives to make them fluid and malleable. Once the product is applied, the VOC evaporates, allowing the adhesive to harden while releasing toxic vapours into the air.

Weir’s global product manager for Linatex Rubber and Hose Mark Doyle said the product came in response to customer demand.

“We’ve had many customers across the globe approach us to make sure that the products they use on site are safe for their employees working in confined spaces,” Doyle said.

For this reason, the process to ensure a safe and secure product was an extensive one.

“At Weir Minerals, we take safety very seriously and looked at several possible solutions,” Doyle said.

“Our team worked closely with the Loctite experts and developed an adhesive that is stronger than any other product in the market today with the double benefit of being solvent-free with zero VOCs.

“Coincidentally, many mine sites and even regional governments are now starting to mandate that only adhesives with zero VOCs be used on site – we are thrilled to say that we have a product that meets this challenge.”

Henkel Asia Pacific president Mark Dorn said working with Weir was satisfying as the company created solutions with multiple benefits.

“We are so pleased that our partnership with Weir Minerals has helped bring this new innovation to market,” Dorn said.

“It’s always exciting to pioneer new solutions for our customers that are able to deliver on both innovation and sustainability.

“Being able to positively impact environmental and occupational safety for those in the mining industry is definitely a rewarding accomplishment for the team.”

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