Weir boosts mill performance with new hydrocyclone

Weir Minerals has bolstered its Cavex hydrocyclone range with the release of its Cavex 2 650, delivering process improvements combined with digital technology.

Throughout the trial period, the Cavex 2 650 produced efficiency and bypass enhancements, showing the potential to translate to operational savings for brownfield sites and reduced capital expense for greenfield projects.

The Cavex 2 hydrocyclone range marked a new era in separation technology, with its LIG+ advanced laminar spiral inlet and size of the feed chamber, delivering 30 per cent more capacity and performance unlike any other cyclone on the market.

The Cavex 2 650 takes that a step further. The 650 model has undergone years of research, lab testing and in-field testing to ensure it can withstand the rigours of heavy-duty industrial and abrasive applications.

Delivering on environmental obligations, by reducing bypass returning to the mill, the new cyclone results in fewer fines returned to the mill during milling, thus reducing the need for energy to be used to further process particles.

Making a finer separation, the Cavex 2 650 can operate at lower pressures to ensure further energy savings or a higher feed density to reduce water usage.

The Cavex 2 650 delivers other benefits such as improvements in bypass by an average of over 15 per cent, less turbulence during the separation process due to the LIG+ inlet and elongated chamber design, and enhanced performance with a Synertrex-enabled monitoring system.

The Synertrex-enabled monitoring system can detect roping or blockage conditions in advance for continuous, efficient operation of the hydrocyclone.

The Cavex 2 650 hydrocyclone has proven itself in trials in Chile, where testing was conducted in a large copper ore mine which had a SAG mill in a closed circuit with the cyclone cluster.

The trial tested one Cavex 2 650 in a six-place cluster of existing Cavex cyclones and saw an improvement of up to 48.5 per cent in circulating load and 31.7 per cent in water bypass against the original cluster.

The Cavex 2 650 hydrocyclone is the second in a range of standard sizes that Weir Minerals is planning to release, with more sizes in development to expand the current product range.

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