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WEGscan: Technology-driving results

WEG has introduced a new technology to its wireless condition-monitoring suite.

WEG has already introduced two wireless ‘smart’ sensors that can be used in conjunction with either a smartphone interface or combined with a gateway that provides the basis to a complete monitoring and data analysis capability.

“It is well known that by monitoring the performance of your critical equipment through condition monitoring, it’s possible to detect early changes in equipment that provide you with enough time to take the necessary steps to avoid unexpected downtime,” WEG said.

“But what has changed significantly in recent times is the development of smaller, smarter, cheaper sensors and the inexpensive support systems that can provide more practical visibility to the number of machine data points with comparably little investment.”

WEG – which provides solutions for electric motors, variable frequency drives, soft starters, controls, panels, transformers and generators – outlines 10 factors necessary to ensure real outcomes for maintenance and reliability teams:

  • Condition monitoring must be easy to install
  • It must be easy to set up
  • It must be robust and IP rated
  • It must easily integrate with existing equipment
  • It must be in line with site practices
  • It should be suitable for use with a range of assets
  • The data must be secure and under your control
  • The collected information must be able to be dissected allowing for the most basic monitoring to complex diagnostics
  • Cost evaluations should clearly justify the outlay
  • Benefits should be evident in safety, productivity and future planning

With these factors in mind, WEG is introducing an additional patented technology to its wireless condition-monitoring suite to be used in conjunction with the WEGscan.

In a system where the sensors are already performing periodic measurements of vibration, temperature, power consumption, motor efficiency, bearing health and running hours, WEGsync technology combines the synchronous vibration measurement of multiple sensors for phase and structural deformation analysis of the asset.

“Simply put, the data from multiple sensors is synchronised and analysed instantly at the moment of collection, allowing the specialist to concentrate on the immediate outcomes rather than the measurements themselves,” the company said. “This saves time and the overall monitoring processes becomes less expensive.”

The sensors can be easily fitted to a variety of machines and fixed locations as required, becoming a strategic resource for any maintenance or engineering team measuring temperature, vibration, functional hours or real-time operations, as well as for machine health trending or operational deflection shape (ODS) information.

In addition, the WEG motion fleet management platform offers access to modules such as ‘motor specialist’ and ‘exchange’, which provide access to advanced algorithms for more complex failure and energy consumption analysis and for any data integration with the customer’s systems.

“Ultimately, plant productivity, efficiency, planning and profitability are the intended outcomes,” the company said.

“And from the basics of alarms and data-viewing from your smartphone app or analysis and data-sharing through the WEG motion fleet management platform, WEGscan can be adapted to your site’s needs and practices.”

This feature appeared in the March 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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