Wayne Bennett to address miners on safety

NRL super coach Wayne Bennett will address New South Wales’ largest mining safety conference in the Hunter Valley today.

Bennet is the future coach of a region dependant on coal mining, set to take over at the Newcastle Knights next year.

He will join Qantas pilot Richard De Crespigny, the man who safely landed a malfunctioning A380 Airbus last year to discuss safety and the importance of responding quickly and safely in dangerous situations.

"Everyone can recognise in the aviation sector that this is a high hazard environment and requires tremendous skill in order to avoid catastrophe," NSW Minerals Council chief executive, Nikki Williams said.

"But the reality is a football team you are also making split second decisions and they make or break the game."

Bennett will join the Knights as part of the upgrade the club is undergoing at the hands of new owner, Nathan Tinkler.

As a Newcastle boy with a passion for the region, mining magnate Tinkler has invested in number of initiatives and clubs to improve the area.

Bennet said at the time his decision to move to the club was influenced by Tinkler’s enthusiasm for the region.

“I sat down with Nathan and was struck by his passion and knowledge of Rugby League,” he said.

“Private ownership appeals to me.

“ I like it.

“This guy wants to take Newcastle to another level.

“He wants our game to capture the imagination of the Hunter like never before … for the Knights to be the benchmark of Rugby League in this country.

“That is the type of challenge that appeals to me”

Tinkler’s deal involves paying off the club’s debt, as well as a $10 million in sponsorship annually.

Image: Fox Sports

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